The Digital Holocaust

  • 1 - Prelude To Apocalypse (Instrumental)

  • 2 - The Digital Holocaust

  • 3 - Chronicles Of SurvivaL

  • 4 - The One  Who Meets With God

  • 5 - Alone Against The Earth

  • 6 - PLANAR EXTINCTION (Instrumental)

  • 7 - INside The Machine

  • 8 - ELIMINATE AND ERadicate

  • 9 - Domination

  • 10 - They Came From Within

Jean Beaulieu: Vocalist

Francis Bouillon: Guitars* and Orchestrations Composer

Oli Beaudoin: Drums & Bass (as a session musician)


* Except Guest Solo in "Eliminate and Eradicate" and "Chronicles Of Survival" by Mendel Bij De Leij


Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Oli Beaudoin at Pirate Studios QC Canada



Explicitely Intense : "The ten cuts of musical genius here keeps the listener at the edge of their seat begging for more mind snarling and spirit manipulating avant-garde metal"

Dead Rhetoric : "Sci-fi influences aren’t rare these days in the death metal sector, but Eyexist brings a unique scope and view in which they are handled. The cinematic approach to death metal makes for an engrossing listen that laces a new-found sense of excitement to the aggressive riffing beneath it – giving it added depth without causing it to feel sterile or forced. Eyexist have something special going on and carry much potential going into their second album."

Metal Trenches : "I say once more, this is a really impressive debut.  The Digital Holocaust would be a fantastic release for an established band, but for this to be their very first album is setting the bar insanely high"